From high-end restaurants to premium hotels, the luxury hospitality industry strives to offer customers the best possible experience for their money. With that said, it’s more than an opulent environment that sets luxurious hospitality apart from lower-end alternatives. Here are three of the critical features of luxury hospitality that all businesses in this niche should focus on.


A Service-driven Approach

Service is arguably the most important feature of luxury hospitality. Being able and willing to accommodate individual client’s unique desires is what sets premium hospitality apart from the one-size-fits-all approach of the rest of the industry. Every member of your staff needs to strive to anticipate and meet every customer’s needs every time. From chefs to concierge staff, each team member must pull together to make a positive impression on your guests. Clients who see your staff jumping to meet their every need are very likely to come back again and again.


A Great Location

When guests open their wallets to pay for the best restaurants or a room at a luxury hotel, it’s not just the service they’re paying for. Your luxury hospitality business needs to be located in a place that is either highly convenient or a destination in and of itself. A company that is too far out of the way and doesn’t offer access to nearby attractions will have a hard time drawing in high-dollar guests.


Attention to Detail

Although sweeping architecture and impeccable service will draw the most attention from your guests, it’s the small things that will make their stay exceptional. The way furniture is placed in a room, the small extras provided on a complimentary basis, and the convenience features made accessible to your guests will all play into the overall impression they form of your business. If you can get your staff to focus on how every small detail goes into creating an incredible experience, you’ll be one step closer to offering truly great luxury hospitality.


Getting the luxury hospitality formula just right is more of an art than a science. By taking these three key features into account, though, you should be able to begin steering your business in the right direction.