For some people, a career in hospitality management might be the most rewarding career they can imagine. Like all careers, it can have its ups and downs over time, but when people are genuinely passionate about what they do, the positives tend to far outweigh the negatives. Take me, for example; while my family introduced me to the world of hospitality at a young age, it wasn’t until much later that I became invested in hospitality management.

That being said, a career in hospitality management is not for everyone. If you don’t have a specific set of traits and characteristics, then you might find it to be a miserable rather than rewarding experience. Here are three ways to know if a career in hospitality management might be right for you.

  1. Do you enjoy having guests?

While it might seem as if having guests in your own home and running a business where guests stay are two different things, they are not. The best hospitality managers consider the property to be their property and the guests to be their guests. Perhaps the most essential quality for any hospitality manager is a deep desire to make every guest feel welcomed and special, no matter how large or small the property.

  1. Are you flexible?

Some people enjoy having a set schedule every day and the ability to leave work at the office when they go home. Hospitality managers need to be available when their guests need them the most. While they should have a well-trained staff to handle almost any crisis, there will always be events that a manager needs to be on-call for or urgent situations that might arise at any moment. In addition, every region will have a peak and a lull season. You will generally need to be 100% available during peak seasons. Unfortunately, your peak season will also be the time your family is most likely to want to go on vacation.

  1. Do you enjoy travel?

While traveling is not necessarily a requirement for hospitality management, one of the biggest perks is getting to travel. In addition, you will likely have far more opportunities, the more willing to travel you are. Not all hospitality managers work in the hotel and travel industry; bar and restaurant managers are also hospitality managers. If you are drawn to the hospitality industry but don’t like to travel, food service management might be a better option for you.