While a career in hotel management may seem like the most likely use of a degree in hospitality management, it is not the only option. For example, the degrees I have are not hospitality related, though I still managed to learn the industry with an open mind. The field of hospitality covers a much broader range of services than just those of hotels. Here are four other career paths you might take with a degree in hospitality management.

  1. Cruise director

If you love hosting great parties or even being the life of the party, then being a cruise director might be the right job for you. A cruise director has a wide range of responsibilities, but their main job is to see that everyone has a great time on their cruise. Your responsibilities might include planning activities and special events as well as booking entertainment acts. Perhaps the best perk of all, however, is getting to travel the world while showing everyone a good time.

  1. Event planner

Another great way to put your love of a great party to great use is to plan parties for others. Event planners often plan everything from corporate retreats to bar and bat mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries, sweet 16 parties and quinceaneras to even the occasional wedding. Best of all, if you don’t like working for someone else, as an event planner you can also be your own boss and run your own business.

  1. Travel agent/ Tour operator

If you love to travel, but don’t want the stress of managing a busy venue, then you might consider being a travel agent. The best travel agents are generally seasoned travelers themselves, which can help you make more educated recommendations to your clients. If you don’t particularly want to be chained to a desk or work in an office, then you might consider being a tour operator instead. This is also another great way to start your own small business.

  1. Restaurant or bar manager

Hotels are not the only hospitality properties you can manage with a degree in hospitality management. As a bar or restaurant manager you may have more flexibility than a hotel manager, but maybe not as many perks. If you love working in hospitality but aren’t a big fan of traveling, then this might be the right place to put your degree to work.