Hotel and lodging businesses are incredibly competitive, offering special rates and amenities to attract guests. Many hotels look to give guests the comforts of home to make the stay as nice and as comfortable as possible. Adding these amenities to a hotel or lodge may make all of the difference in guest numbers and return business.

Lighting Fixtures: Harsh, fluorescent lights can make any cozy space look unappealing. Instead, opt for modern light fixtures with dimming technology. Floor-to-table lamps bring home to any space, and lighting options with different features allow guests to have the room exactly as they would like. Combining lighting fixtures with technology allows guests to control the lighting via their smartphone. Best of all, they are energy efficient and last much longer which amount to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Area Rugs: Keep a space warm and inviting with the use of area rugs. While many hotels opt for industrial carpets that are economical and long-lasting, area rugs bring class and elegance to any space. New advances in carpets give area rugs strength and stain resistance not seen in the past.

Tile: Wooden flooring brings warmth and character to a space but is too soft to be used in a high-traffic area, such as a hotel or lodge. New tiles, however, mimic the look of wood while being strong enough to last the test of time. Other options in porcelain tiles can be used to mimic the look of other flooring while still being durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting. The tile also cuts down on the housekeepers’ arduous tasks in keeping a room clean.

Plants: Drought tolerant plants and flowers are a simple, inexpensive way to breathe life into any space. Biophilic design, a way designers use plants to connect people with nature, is becoming increasingly popular in the hotel world. Some studies indicate that plants reduce stress and positively impact an individual’s well-being. They can also help freshen the air and living space. NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America performed a study on houseplants and their unique ability to purify airspace indoors. They discovered a variety of plants that have the unique ability to filter out common volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s. Since that time, many studies have been performed to further validate this truth.Larger potted plants may be placed in corners or by the door, while smaller plants and flowers can spruce up a countertop or dresser.

Fabric: Hotels used to get a poor reputation for furniture and bedding fabric patterns because technology limited the use of what was available. Technology advancements in treatment and applications have opened up the world of durable, resilient fabrics to bring brighter colors and bolder patterns to the hotel industry. Luxury thread counts in sheets and pillows are also high in demand among guests. With the emergence of sustainable living, hotels can now offer a wide array of eco-conscious options to guests while maintaining their brand standards.