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How Hotels Are Embracing Sustainability

As concerns about climate change continue to increase, more and more corporations worldwide are attempting to lessen their carbon footprints by promoting sustainability and minimizing waste. This has given rise to the concept of the “green meeting,” or “green event,” defined by the Convention Industry Council (CIC) as an event that incorporates environmental concerns into every aspect, so as to make it more eco-friendly.

As such, it’s important for event planners and hosts alike to incorporate these practices into their own businesses, to make their services more appealing to prospective customers. At the Shore Hotel, we’re proud to embrace our responsibility to the environment, and we’ve already taken a number of steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and act more sustainably. Here are some examples of how the sustainability trend is re-shaping the hotel industry!

Water and Energy Conservation

A good first step toward creating less water waste is the linen reuse program (those tags on the bathroom door that remind guests to hang towels for reuse) that is now an industry standard. A growing number of hotels have also switched to more efficient lighting and heating systems and installed low-flow bathroom fixtures to further decrease water and energy waste.

Recycling Efforts

Guests have long been encouraged to recycle beverage containers, but the movement has been taken several steps further with the reduction of disposable items, such as paper and plastic cups, coffee filters, and the like. Some hotels have even entered into composting programs to help eliminate food waste. In 2012, one hotel cut its diversion rate—the percentage of material diverted from landfill—from 15 to 90 percent with the aid of such a program, making it a “zero waste” facility.

Room Keys

The standard PVC keys—which utilize a highly toxic manufacturing process—are today often made out of more eco-friendly materials like paper, bioplastic, and even wood.

Natural Cleaning Products

By choosing more eco-friendly products—particularly ones that also cut back on the amount of packaging used—hotel chains can make drastic cuts to the environmental hazards caused by the ones containing toxic ingredients. This also decreases the risk to employee health.

Spas and Dining

Hotel restaurants that offer fresh, organic produce and GMO-free meat and dairy products will appeal to a growing number of health-conscious diners. Similarly, the use of natural products in spa treatments will help to strengthen the facility’s aura of well-being.

Steve Farzam

Key Roles In A Hotel

It takes hard work to make a hotel feel like a home. That’s why hotels—from luxury resorts to family-owned bed and breakfasts—employ a small army of staff to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. These jobs can be challenging, but at the Shore Hotel, we’re fortunate to have a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to fill our guests’ every need. For anyone who may be considering a career in hospitality or anyone who’s ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of the hospitality industry, take a look at some of the essential roles in a hotel!

Front Office

The front office staff is the face of the hotel. These personnel greet guests, check them in and out, and provide information about the hotel as well as the surrounding areas. They also handle reservations and most of the hotel’s external communication with clients or on clients’ behalf.

Uniformed Services

Roles in a hotel’s uniformed services department consist of bell staff, valets, door-persons, and concierges. The first people most guests meet upon arrival at a hotel are bell-staff, who help to unload baggage from the guest’s vehicle, deliver it to their room, and possibly introduce them to other helpful figures or show them the facilities. Guests may also meet valets, who park guests’ cars and pick them up as necessary, and door-persons, who open doors, greet guests, and help bell staff with luggage.

Additionally, concierges act almost as assistants for guests and have a range of responsibilities that may include helping guests navigate the area, making reservations or handling issues that may arise during their stay, and much more.


The front office staff may be the face of a hotel, but housekeeping is its backbone. Beyond the obvious duties of cleaning guests’ rooms and the hotel’s other facilities, housekeeping staff also handle laundry needs, provide dry-cleaning for guests, and more. Many hotels also recruit inspectors who supervise and inspect the work of the room attendants; at smaller businesses, this role may be filled by a manager who randomly checks the rooms.

Food and Beverage

Hotels typically include at least a restaurant and bar on their grounds as well as room service, and they may even offer catering services. This means hotels need chefs, bartenders, waiters, dishwashers, and any other kitchen staff to provide guests and patrons with top-quality service and delicious food and drink.

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing branch of the hotel handles its promotions and advertising. Through various channels, the hotel works to involve the community and attract new consumers. Most hotels that hire full-time sales and marketing have a more substantial budget for marketing and advertising.

Steve Farzam

How to Make Hotel Guests Feel Welcome

He’s away on business. They’re enjoying a honeymoon in a dream destination or vacationing with the family during a yearly getaway. Maybe she’s just passing through. Regardless of why people are travelling, they trust the hotels where they stay with the important responsibility of making them feel right at home even when home might be thousands of miles away.

At the Shore Hotel, we take this duty very seriously, and as COO, I do everything in my power to make sure that guests have the most enjoyable and welcoming experience possible during their stay with us. Check out some of the secrets on how to make guests feel welcomed that I’ve learned after a long career in the hospitality industry!

A Personal Welcome

First impressions are lasting, so making sure you’re ready to greet your guests as they arrive goes a long way toward making them feel right at home. The personal introduction shows the guests that they’re valued, but beyond that, this is the first opportunity you have to shape their opinion of the hotel. You should be dressed professionally and with a friendly, enthusiastic attitude so you can warmly welcome your guests on behalf of the hotel and make them feel special—and happy with their choice of accommodation—as soon as they step through the doors.

Take Care of Their Needs

If your hotel is going to serve as a guest’s home away from home, then you’ll want to provide them with all of the creature comforts they need. In the bathroom, lay out toiletries like sustainable or eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, and other sundries. Place fresh flowers so that the room is fragrant by the time they arrive to make them feel at ease. And another nice touch for the modern traveler is offering a complimentary phone charger during their stay!

Touch Base Often

Once the guests have had a chance to settle in, find opportunities to catch up with them and ask how they’re enjoying their time with you. Do they like their room? Is there anything that you can do to make them feel more comfortable? These check-ins let guests know that you’re invested in their happiness and that you actually want them to be as comfortable as possible, which will make them feel right at home.

Things You Need to Know About Finding the Best Hotel

Travelling is believed to be fun if you plan things out in time and take care of all the “small” things that matter. There’s probably a reason even why some end up having a nightmare for a trip, and spending way more than what their budget was. One of the primary reasons a trip or vacation may become so much less enjoyable or expensive is probably because you didn’t know how to choose the right hotel in the area you are travelling to.

Choosing a hotel

Yes, choosing a hotel can make that much of an impact. Hence, the ideal thing would be to make sure you have a few options in mind where you would love to stay in during your trip. Searching for a hotel after you have reached the destination can be quite a bit of hassle, and may lead to making a wrong decision or spending way more than you otherwise would.

This is especially true about certain places in the US, which are pretty popular as tourist spots. Santa Monica, for one, has been recently voted as one of the top ten beach cities in the world, attracting millions of tourists from across the world. This has obviously also led to a significant increase in the prices hotels in the city charge to the visitors.

Finding the great deals

However, there still seem to be a few that offer pretty reasonable prices. They may be situated a bit farther from the beaches and other tourist spots in the city, but the little more time and money you spend on travelling may be nothing when compared to the money saved on the hotel charges.

So let us take a look at how to find the best hotel deals while visiting top tourist spots in the US, including cities like Santa Monica.

Using the Internet

Well, there don’t seem to be many things nowadays that don’t require using the Internet. Finding great hotel deals seems to be no exception.

There are numerous highly reputed sites out there, which provide a clear and detailed comparison of the prices offered by most of the hotels in an area, especially if it’s a popular one or a tourist spot. You may also be able to find out about most of the important things you need to know about the hotel you are looking to stay in during the trip, such as the quality of staff, room maintenance, interior, facilities, amenities, and so on.

Furthermore, there are also some particular reliable websites on the Internet that offer user reviews and ratings for most of the popular hotels in the US. This can definitely turn out to be quite useful, as you get to know about the experience the past customers of a hotel had during their stay, making your decision considerably easier.

Being flexible with your dates

Apparently, you may be able to find considerably better hotel deals if you choose to be flexible with your travel dates. It doesn’t mean that you will have to delay your trip for a very long period, but even a few days may help you save a lot.

There are also many online resources you can use for finding out the best travel dates that help you save on the hotel charges.

Utilizing those secret discounts

Many hotels in the US offer occasional coupons to their customers for getting a discount during their next stay. Then there are also hotels that inform their “email list subscribers” about special deals and discounts, which are usually exclusive only to them.

In other words, if you like a hotel and would like to get a good deal during your next stay, you may want to subscribe to their newsletter. In fact, you can subscribe to the newsletter of a few good hotels in a particular area, so that you can quickly utilize the special deals being offered by any of them when in need.

Farzam Owned Santa Monica’s Shore Hotel Wins Best Green Hotel Award

Steve Farzam Shore Hotel Santa MonicaSANTA MONICA, CALIF.—Shore Hotel was honored at the 1st annual Best of the Best Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) awards ceremony last month, winning the Los Angeles Best Green Hotel award for 2015. This award coincides with the hotel’s fourth anniversary and recent technology enhancement, reinforcing its commitment to the environment, guests, employees, and community.

“Despite being open for four years now, the Shore Hotel continues to garner awards and recognition commending our sustainability efforts,” says COO Steve Farzam. “We will not stop here and will continue to further our mission to create a better future by being responsible stewards of the environment and a positive contributor to our community.”

Last month the hotel installed an AquaRecycle Laundry Water Recycle System, which will reduce carbon emissions and its laundry water usage by 85 percent. The new system will allow the hotel to reclaim and reuse its laundry wastewater, conserving precious resources all while offering its guests premium eco-conscious accommodations.

“With our new AquaRecycle System, our water usage has been drastically reduced by reclaiming and treating 100 percent of the laundry wastewater,” says COO Steve Farzam. “We have saved over 34,000 gallons of water in less than seven days of operation, which equates to nearly four swimming pools. Not only will the AquaRecycle System save millions of gallons of water each year, we will also reduce the amount of natural gas we consume as the recycled water is already pre-heated.”

The oceanfront hotel is a leader in sustainability among Santa Monica’s luxury hotels and the only newly-built LEED Gold certified hotel in the city, which also received the City’s prestigious 2015 Sustainable Quality Awards (SQA) Grand Prize, which recognizes businesses that make significant achievements in the categories of sustainable economic development, social responsibility, and stewardship of the environment.

How To Find The Best Hotel Deals When Traveling

Steve FarzamSo you want to go on a vacation without taking out a second mortgage on your home? Believe it or not, it is possible according to Steve Farzam from The Shoe Hotel. However, it is going to require some flexibility on your part. Here are some of the best ways to find deals when traveling.

1. Be flexible with your dates. Of course, the most expensive time to travel is around holidays and on the weekends. Keep this in mind when planning your vacation. If you can afford it, then sure book the beach house on the Fourth of July. However, if you are trying to save some money then you must go into this knowing you probably will not get the most ideal date. With that said, you will still be able to find a decent date where you ca enjoy time with your family and friends. If you can take work off during the week and your kids can miss school, then this will be your best bet. Rates during the week are much cheaper than the weekend. You can find some excellent deals in some hotels you thought you would never be able to afford if you start working with your dates a little more.

2. Go in the off season. If you do not mind traveling in the off season, you can save a boat load of money. For instance, going to the beach in the fall or winter is a great deal cheaper than the summer or spring break. Sure, you might not have as much fun, but you are still spending time with your family and friends. Also, you will find that the beach is much less crowded and it really allows you to have more of a connection with your loved ones says Steve Farzam.

3. Shop around. This is easier said than done, but it is one of the easies ways to find deals. There are so many different hotel deals sites out there, it can be tough. However, if you devote a few hours to shopping around for different prices, you will be surprised at what you can find.

4. Settle for less. If you know that XYZ hotel cost $200 more a night because it is on the beach and ABC hotel is 2 miles away but half the price, then you should consider ABC hotel due to the price difference says Mr. Farzam in most cases. Sure, it might be nice staying on the beach, but so is all of the money you will be saving. You will have to make some sacrifices if you truly want to travel on a budget.

5. Cook your own food. You will be tempted to eat out every night, but you will notice that taking the whole family out for steak every night will start to add up. That is why you should cook your own food while on vacation. You can stock up when you get there and be set for the whole week. You will be surprised at the amount of money you will end up saving by doing this. These are the tips Steve Farzam has to share with everyone.