The success of the hospitality industry relies heavily on customer service. Customer service entails paying attention to detail, personalization of guest’s experience, and creativity in providing services. The following are customer service tips for those in the hospitality industry.


Survey your guests

Getting opinions from guests can significantly improve customer service. People appreciate the opportunity to give suggestions on how to serve them better. Electronic polls are efficient ways to get feedback from guests after they leave. The clients’ emails can be acquired from the address book and short survey questions sent with simple multiple-choice options. Another simple way would be asking customers how their stay was. Asking questions makes the guests think critically about their experience and also allows addressing of any unresolved issues.


Creativity with lost and found items

Losing something valuable during a vacation can ruin the excitement. Hotels are not liable for any lost items. However, taking ownership of lost items can help clients recover their items. Taking care of client’s lost or stolen items can make a huge difference in making them feel special.


Creating a great first impression

Any hospitality organization aims to make their clients happy and satisfied with the services provided. Creating a great first impression creates positive momentum and ensures that customers give fewer complaints. One way of achieving a good first impression is by offering the guests a welcome drink or a gift. Having a positive body language and a welcoming smile can go a long way in creating first impressions.


Flexibility, innovation, and creativity

This involves providing services that are not offered by other organizations or hotels. Finding new and better ways to deliver services that are unique to the organization can greatly enrich customer service. Flexibility is essential in customer service since guests are diverse and have different preferences. Training employees to be flexible and how to improvise will enable them to deliver quality customer service.


Benchmarking and forming strategic partnerships

Benchmarking involves learning about the best practices and techniques that are being used by other organizations. This information can then be adapted or integrated with existing practices to improve customer service quality. Having special services offered by other outside sources can improve customer service. These partnerships can be in the form of gifts or complementary services to the organization.