Eco-friendly technologies have been on the rise for the better part of 40 years. Businesses are getting on this bandwagon more and more as time passes: in part because the world is finally recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability.

Industries across the board are embracing this cause, and with the conversion to environmental friendliness comes a great deal of changes—specifically for the hospitality industry.

Cost Efficiency

Both BnBs and hotel chains alike are finding that making the switch over to eco-friendly materials, sources, and resources are allowing them to save in the long run. While paying an ethical supplier often costs more upfront, because materials last longer, hotels are saving money on energy and restocking fees. This allows businesses the opportunity to pay their staff more, do necessary remodeling, and even charge their guests less per night of their stay. The use of these savings is up to the individual proprietor, but all options give owners a chance to get ahead of their opponents.

Brand Image

In a world where consumers are bombarded with more than 4,000 advertisements a day, it is crucial to have a brand that sticks out in the customer’s mind. This is especially hard for hotels that are smaller than a traditional Mariott but bigger than a charming local BnB.

One of the best ways to ensure that your brand image stands out in the minds of consumers is to brand yourself as an economically friendly branch—and demonstrate this to your consumers. This demonstration can be done through energy efficient light fixtures, organic breakfast items, and can be explained on the hotel’s website for all those interested.

Being known as a genuinely environmentally friendly place of business is a fantastic way to drum up long-term business.

Government Rewards

Several governments are prepared to offer hotels and BnBs alike incentives for going green. These incentives range from tax breaks to financial grants. These grants can be used specifically to purchase and build green buildings which are specifically designed to use less energy.

Ultimately, the sustainability movement is here to stay, and its changes in the hospitality industry are anything but minor. From government grants to increased competitiveness among rivals, hotels and BnBs have quite a bit to gain from going green.