While more and more businesses understand the importance of branding, many businesses still struggle to understand why taking the time to develop the correct branding is so important. Branding is a very simple visual shorthand that will attract a particular audience. For instance, most brands know that you can use specific colors and shapes in your branding that will immediately connect with women, while others will be more immediately attractive to men. Beyond that, certain elements will help brands be more immediately appealing to parents or families or people of a certain income level. Here are three tips to help you develop the right hotel brand.


Define your market


It is difficult for many businesses to understand that by appealing to one market segment, you will inherently be off-putting to another. As a result, too many brands try to appeal to too large of a market segment and end up not creating a solid appeal to any of them. For instance, a hotel that caters to families will generally be off-putting to young singles or business travelers. Similarly, some business travelers may avoid hotels that cater to tourists by creating a more party atmosphere. In contrast, other business travelers may enjoy the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. Taking the time to precisely define the type of customer who will be the best fit for your hotel will help you determine the best elements to use in your branding.


Design for your target market


Once you have decided who you want to market your brand to, you can start developing branding to appeal to that specific segment. For instance, business travelers may be drawn to a more stark, no-nonsense logo and muted colors. In contrast, families may be tempted to a logo featuring bright colors and shapes associated with fun, such as sunglasses or a beach umbrella.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your market


It is important to remember that markets will change, and your branding should change right along with them. Staying in constant communication with your clientele will help you understand these shifts and changes, which will help you shift and change with them.