The changing economy is forcing millions of people to look for alternative career paths. If this sounds like a situation you’re facing, consider exploring a career in hospitality. No matter what the future brings, people will always need to travel for business or relaxation. The following tips can help you break into this expanding industry.


Energy and Passion Will Take You Far

This is one of those career paths in which you can get further with a passion for the work than you can get with previous experience. In fact, hospitality recruiters are more interested in your ability to shine on cue and take an interest in others’ needs. Your ability to solve problems quickly will help you satisfy guests, making you more appealing to the recruiter who will be interviewing you.


Highlight Your Skills

Even though you don’t have hospitality experience, you will have some skills to transfer to your new job in this career change. You can list hard skills, such as experience working with computer software and maintaining accounting ledgers. Additionally, soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving skills, should also be included in your resume. Any skills you have learned in previous jobs will help you stand out.


Get Industry-Specific Training

You can also make up for the lack of practical experience by adding more education and training to your background. There are courses, seminars, and workshops that will specifically prepare you for work in the hospitality industry. Additionally, taking business management, accounting, and other related courses can also increase your qualifications for work in hospitality. Considering the continuous evolution of technology, some education in IT can also be helpful. The hospitality industry relies more on innovative technology to improve service and increase guest security, which means training in how these tech tools work will help you meet a future employer’s needs.


You can also improve your chances of making a solid first impression by dressing for success. You can use your first interview with a hospitality recruiter to dazzle with your sense of style in fashion. As long as you’re not too flashy, putting together, a stylish outfit can help you make a positive and memorable first impression.