First impressions are essential, and this is especially true for those running hotels. In the past several years, customer expectations in the hospitality industry have grown. With the rise of review sites such as Tripadvisor, hotels have been forced to improve their accommodations for guests.

The fact is that many guests will make a judgment of the property soon after they arrive. The best thing a hotelier can do is ensure a great first impression. Here are a few simple ideas that will help with this.


Improve Curbside Appeal

The first thing a guest will see is the exterior of the property. Since many guests travel far and are tired upon arrival, the best thing is to give them a good arrival experience.

To enhance curbside appeal, be sure to keep the lawn cut and weed-free, buildings and concrete pressure washed/painted, maintain clear signage, and ensure all lights are in working order.


Respond to Online Reviews

One of the best things a hotelier can do to combat negative reviews online is to respond to them. This not only helps the original guest feel as if concerns are being handled, but it also shows potential guests the property manager is proactive. At the same time, it’s not good to only respond to the negative comments. Taking time to respond to a positive review can also mean a lot to a guest.


Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff

Now that the guests have made it to the property, it’s crucial that friendly and knowledgeable team members meet them. Be sure all employees are greeting guests with a warm smile, so guests feel welcomed the moment they enter. It also doesn’t hurt for front desk staff to be knowledgeable about food and entertainment offered locally.


Comprehensive Cleaning Strategy

In the end, the key factor to guest satisfaction is a clean property. This can be attained by implementing odor control, bed bug prevention, and similar policies. Aside from the bed and linens, the cleanliness of the restroom is paramount. Be sure housekeeping is going the extra mile and maintaining the floors and tubs.


The bottom line is as guest standards rise, hoteliers need to be proactive and always look for ways to improve their hotel’s first impression.