There’s no denying that an online rating will have a significant impact on your business, especially if you manage a hotel. This is the first place consumers will look to find quality accommodations, and they place a high value on the reviews left by previous guests. Here are a few ways you can positively impact your online rating and attract more travelers to your hotel.


Concentrate on the Experience

From the moment your guests walk through the door, your focus should be on providing them with a unique and positive experience. Guests who enjoy their time at your hotel are more likely to leave a glowing online review. Look for ways to add little extras that may not cost you much but will leave lasting impressions with your guests.


Ask Guests to Review Your Hotel

There are some people who review every business they visit, but there are just as many people who don’t leave reviews. By asking for a review, you show that you’re confident in your hotel’s quality of service. Additionally, you’ll increase the number of positive reviews your business receives.


Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

While some people may not think about leaving a positive review, they won’t hesitate to leave a bad review if they’ve had a negative experience. Commenting on negative reviews provides you with an opportunity to do two things. First, it gives you a second chance to satisfy that customer by addressing their concerns. Secondly, it shows other online users that you genuinely care about the customer experience, and that can help you build a positive brand image for your hotel.


Monitoring your hotel’s online reputation is crucial because it helps you evaluate how well your establishment is meeting its guest’s needs. If you have a Facebook page for your hotel, you should make time to check that daily. Responding promptly to comments and questions will help you demonstrate your dedication to quality customer service. You should also regularly check Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other sites that allow users to rate and review hotels. Keeping up with new reviews will let you recognize weak areas in the customer experience, so you can improve the services your hotel provides.