As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world and overtake the headlines, every professional industry has been impacted in some way. The hospitality industry is certainly no exception to the rule, as travel has been greatly altered, and destination cities are placed on mandatory lockdowns. If you’re in a leadership position within the hospitality industry, you must maintain the morale of your team. At a time where everything seems to be spinning out of control, your team members are looking a steady leader. In addition to their need for stability, your clientele is also scrambling for something that feels “normal.” As an industry leader, it’s your obligation to provide what they all need.

Create an Action PlanNow more than ever, it is vital that you have a crisis related action plan in place for your facility. Creating a preventative plan will allow the members of your team who are still able to be at work to know that they are cared for, and their safety is of utmost importance to you. Simply discussing a plan with the management on your staff is not enough; make the plan, put it on paper, consult with medical professionals and make sure that your team is taken care of, and they know it.

Put the Plan into Practice: Simply writing down a plan isn’t enough. While the CDC and other world health organizations are plainly laying out guidelines concerning sanitation, it is paramount that you study them, figure out how to implement them in your facility and train your team on how to make them happen. Taking the time to make sure that every member of your staff is prepared to practice the policy that you create could be the difference in life and death for your team and your guests.

Reassuring Future Guests: While everyone is concerned about their health, many of your hourly employees are undoubtedly worried about still having a paycheck. When this pandemic has subsided, there will always be rent to pay, groceries to buy, and childcare to pay for. By reassuring your future guests that the right steps have been taken to safeguard your facility, your team members will know that they will continue to have a job to come to.