The first step to finding customers in any industry is exposure.  Making sure people stay focused on and aware of what you’re offering is step one when trying to sell a product.  In a space as competitive as the hotel market, every little step you can take to help stand out is pivotal to keeping a fresh pool of consumers.   The following guidelines are easy to implement and effective tools to allow you to stand out from the competition.


Develop a Method for Chatting

The more direct contact you can provide a customer who’s looking for advice, the more support and care your customer will feel.  As we move more and more toward text-based communication, evidence suggests that consumers would prefer chat boxes as their primary mode of communication.  Customers are enamored with the convenience of chat boxes, as well as the swiftness of response that comes with them.    While other hotel chains are responding via email or keeping customers on hold, you can be chatting with multiple travelers at once and provide them with the immediate information they need.


Photo’s Matter

Your photographs are your primary mode of communication with your customers.  The hospitality industry is all about presentation, so how you present yourself with your initial image is pivotal.  Ideally, this section of your marketing needs to be pristine.  Do your best to avoid stock photography, and if you can provide multiple angles of room it will be appreciated.  Most importantly invest in a professional photographer, specifically one who focuses on architecture.  Many hotels make the mistake of hiring photographers on a budget with minimal experience.  Remember that this is the very first impression you’re making on the vast majority of travelers: spend the extra money to put your best foot forward.


Trust Matters

Housing scams and travel cons are at an all-time high.  Many people who are less comfortable with technology are generally skeptical about being toyed with or tricked.  It’s imperative that you establish legitimacy and trust upfront.  Select precise quotes from a trusted website like TripAdvisor that effectively evoke what you want your customer’s experience to be like.  If you have a group travel page, make sure to include any awards you’ve received.  These reviews and rewards provide a social validation for consumers that allows them to trust your product even if they’ve only ever witnessed it online.