There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has certainly driven down business and forced many other business owners to shut down for an extended period. However, the reality of all this is that most people can’t simply shut down for too long. This is due to both financial hardship and a disruption in the community. Many states understand this and have deemed certain businesses essential and thus allowed to run during the pandemic. One of these includes the hotel industry. So, how can you keep yourself and your guests safe? This is a question that we asked ourselves early on. The following includes various ways to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep your business safe and open.


In House Doctors

Because hotels are highly trafficked areas, it can be difficult to assess specific situations regarding illnesses. The last thing owners want is to have the media and local hospital doctors within the property, causing a decrease in business. This is why so many are bringing in in-house doctors to help with any issues that arise during this very uncertain time. Note that they are not there, nor should they be there to treat patients with COVID nor diagnose. Instead they are there to serve as a professional consultant to the guests and hotel. In-House doctors should also be used to determine high-risk areas and offer suggestions on what could be changed to make everyone safer.


Following CDC Guidelines

When the WHO determined COVID to be a world pandemic, the CDC introduced various guidelines that hotels should follow every day. Therefore it is imperative that you study, understand, and implement these guidelines into your everyday routine. You may need to re-train individual employees, but it is was best for the safety of yourself, guests, and frontline workers.


Closing Down Amenities

One of the biggest attractions to your hotel may be your amazing amenities. These would include gyms, dining areas, and pools, to name a few. However, in the age of COVID, these areas are the perfect breeding grounds for the virus. Thus, it is imperative that you, for the time being, shut them down. Yes, some guests might not like this, but it will keep everyone safe. It is highly recommended that you inform them about this change before their stay.