The most influential person at a hotel is the person behind the front desk. They hold the keys to the rooms, can turn away guests, and decide whether or not to upgrade certain guests. Wondering how to make the most of a hotel stay? Read on.

Hotels Offer More Than You Realize

While most hotel guests assume their hotels will stock their rooms with basic toiletries, most hotel front desks offer far more than they let on. While all hotels vary, many of them have given guests much more than shampoo and lotion. Many hotel front desks have cufflinks, bow ties, nail files, tampons, umbrellas, phone adapters, and more–upon request, of course.

Getting Into a Room Early is a Rarity

Most hotels try to accommodate their guests whenever possible, however, admitting guest early into their room isn’t typically possible. Hotels with high occupancy often don’t have any available rooms that guests can check into early. Still trying to get in before the reservation? Try to call ahead with the early arrival time, as the hotel staff will likely be able to prioritize cleaning the room if they have advance notice.

Another way to ensure that a room is ready early is to book the room for the night before arrival. This will ensure that the room is ready and waiting.

Ask Politely for Discounts, Perks, or Upgrades

Upgrades, perks, and discounts are never guaranteed, but travelers looking for special treatment should ask politely. While hotel staffers can always say no, the people that work the front desk will typically offer a discount when asked politely. Similarly, it helps to be specific when asking for these perks, as staffers are more likely to grant these types of wishes.

It’s best to ask for these discounts, perks, or upgrades during the initial booking. When asked in advance, hotel staffers will have more time to accommodate the needs and requests of their guests.

Become a Frequent Guest to Enjoy Benefits

Guests that stay in the same hotel regularly will find that they are often treated to benefits. Most hotels have a benefits program that offers perks to regular customers. Moreover, travelers that frequent the same hotel will find that they are usually offered upgrades before anyone else.

There is an art to booking one’s hotel room. By keeping these four tips in mind, hotel guests will be able to maximize their hotel stays.