In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, every sector in the world has witnessed major changes and shifts, especially the hospitality industry. Indeed, the hospitality sector was certainly hit the hardest in 2020. Hotels, restaurants, casinos, and sporting locations remained empty during the coronavirus spread and were forced to reduce costs, furlough staff members, and opt for online options, just to mention a few.


As many economies are starting to reopen in several countries, the hospitality industry is currently getting ready to open its doors and engage once again with its customers. The hospitality sector will certainly see major trend shifts in the near future and beyond. On that premise, a list of future hospitality sector trends that will help the sector capture growth and have a great start in the post-pandemic era is presented in the following article.


Sustainable options

Millennials have expressed time and time again that they prioritize sustainability, which means that luxury hotels should go green. They will undoubtedly support businesses that impact the world and that care for social and environmental issues. On that premise, many hotels are opting for foods that are sourced from local farms and are getting rid of plastics that are only used one and are monitoring water usage.


Inspired by competition

Companies like Airbnb were always seen as threats by hotels. However, it is not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, many hotels are now inspired by Airbnb and changing things to their own benefit. For instance, hotels are now trying to shift from the old-fashioned hotel experience and employ unique and creative properties.


Thinking globally

The hospitality industry needs to start thinking and planning events at a global level. Indeed, events do not need to occur locally, especially with people willing now more than ever before to travel to new destinations that the older generations did not even consider and airlines adding more flight routes that are direct to a number of different countries.