Hotel managers are notorious for wearing multiple hats at work daily. Not only must they manage their employees but they also have to provide the best hospitality for those who are staying at their hotel. They are responsible for creating an environment where everyone is comfortable and feels welcomed. Nobody experiences more challenges than a hotel manager who is willing to go the extra mile at all times. Here are key qualities that all hotel managers in the hospitality industry should have to be some of the greatest leaders. 



Managers need to motivate their employees to do their best every single day in the hotel. Motivation is much more than a paycheck every two weeks. It’s all about recognizing employees for their good work and pushing them to move up in different positions throughout the hotel. Be more personal and get to know every employee rather than just knowing their name from the schedule. When employees feel appreciated and seen the more likely they are to do better work. How a hotel manager treats employees goes onto how employees will treat hotel guests.



One of the most important skills to have is listening skills. Hotel managers should find time to talk to employees and get an insight into what they think is working throughout the hotel and what could use some fixing. Employees who work one-on-one with guests could offer ideas that managers wouldn’t think of if they’re spending more time in meetings. Two minds are always better than one so just imagine how the minds of all hotel workers would benefit your management skills and the operations of your hotel. 


Share Knowledge

The most successful hotel managers can share knowledge with those they work with. If you have a strong staff then it’s important to show them the ins and outs of the hospitality industry so they can turn it into a long-term career. When you come across challenges with guests use it as an opportunity to show your staff how to solve problems with techniques that they can use in the future. 


Above all, great hotel managers should be passionate about what they do and how they do it. Their job is to cater to others but it’s important to stay true to your beliefs when doing so. Without passion for the industry, it’s nearly impossible to create an experience that others will never forget and you will be proud of.