Getting noticed in an ever-growing social media landscape can feel like an impossible task to manage.  With so many spaces already seemingly dominated by hotels that got an early jump on social media marketing, the process of carving out some elbow room for advertising your hotel is rightfully daunting.  Fortunately, there are two simple steps you can take immediately to impact your presence in the digital landscape.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Snippets

In 2014 google added a tool to their searches called snippets it looks something like this: 






Snippets have grown in popularity to the point where they are twice as likely to be clicked on by a customer than any other link.  These numbers are boosted by the increased use of voice-assisted searches.  It is pivotal that you gear your marketing towards information that can reach the “zero position” that the snippet represents.  Luckily if you already have a solid SEO strategy, you can follow those steps to try and strengthen yourself into a snippet position.  Some of these strategies include:

  • Answer the question or the search in a clear and listed manner
  • Predict what kind of similar questions you want your hotel to pop up on by using googles “people also asked” function
  • Completing solid keyword searches
  • Imagining long-tail keywords that might be used in voice to text searches
    • Taking the extra step to phrase these in a form of questions and statements is beneficial


Utilize Instagram Story Highlights

For a more comprehensive breakdown of why Instagram is important check out this infographic but the long and the short of it is: Instagram is widely used and images are a great marketing tool.  62% of Instagram users have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on a story highlight.  While highlights only last for 24 hours they are also often the first thing a person sees when visiting a new page (fear not: you can save your highlights permanently to your stories if you’d like).  What better way to Market your stellar getaway spot than to provide clear images for consumers of why you’re the best option?


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

A developing trend in the hospitality industry is the growing influence of AR and VR on consumers.  More and more companies invested in real estate are committing to providing virtual tours for potential consumers (this is doubly true in 2020).  Providing a clear 3-dimensional sense of where your guests will be staying shows your commitment to clear and open advertising.  What’s exciting is that AR and VR are not just limited to showcasing your rooms or close by travel experiences.  It provides exciting opportunities for your customers once they are there as well.  Investing in gamification technology is the type of perk that families love for kids.  Translation technologies can open you up to brand new customer bases that were previously inaccessible.