Technology has been one of the keys to coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, at the start of the epidemic, school and work moved online for most people. In many cases, so did church services. Technology has made it possible for people to stay connected despite social distancing regulations. When it comes to the hospitality industry, tech has been a key in helping front-line workers stay safe.

One of the most exciting innovations in this space is the health check kiosk designed by CyberLink. This company specializes in artificial intelligence functions, including things like facial recognition. This technology has been incorporated into a kiosk that can judge whether a person is wearing a mask properly, take their temperature, and even confirm the person’s identity. Screening people with this kind of device rather than putting a worker at risk is a significant improvement. The kiosk can even ask health questions and interpret answers like nodding heads.

Sanitization is another area where technology has improved. Keeping hotels, restaurants, airports, and train stations cleaner is one great way to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Innovative sanitizing equipment packages include the Hanover Disinfectant Fogger Kit. This makes it possible for workers to clean a place thoroughly without touching much. Signage and training materials are included in this package. Digital signage and hand sanitizer kiosks are other great products to invest in. This makes it easy for guests to keep clean and stay informed.

Luggage shipping is another way travelers can avoid contact with people in crowded spaces like baggage claim. Companies like LugLess make it possible for people to have their belongings shipped directly from the airport to their home or hotel. This service doesn’t just reduce the time that travelers spend searching for their bags. It also frees up plenty of time for people. Rather than standing around waiting, they’re able to get right to where they need to go.

Finally, dining is another area where germs are a concern. Innovations like smart water coolers help to keep sites like restaurants and break rooms clean. One company, Bevi, even makes a no-touch dispenser that can be operated from a smartphone. The machine even allows people to customize the flavor of their beverages.