With consumers having more housing options than ever while traveling, the hotel industry has been trying harder than ever to keep its customer base. If you’re a long-time hotel owner, you’ll want to be making renovations soon to keep and bring new customers in. However, you might not understand what types of renovations customers like.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far for advice as customers have been making their thoughts known well. Take these tips into consideration when you renovate your hotel.


Project Manager

Balancing the duties of renovating a hotel while keeping it presentable for current visitors can seem hard. For this reason, you should be hiring a project manager to deal with all of the renovations.

With a project manager, you can do all of your regular hotel duties while having someone else handle renovations. Ensure that you pick someone who can ensure that everything is on time, as you may end up losing revenue otherwise. Ensure that you hire a project manager to help you with your hotel renovations.


Early Planning

Depending on the scope of your renovations, parts of your hotel might be unusable for months or even years ahead. This can be daunting, though when you find out you have an event coming up that will be affected if you don’t get things done soon. That is why you should plan on renovating your hotel as soon as possible.

By planning your renovations more sooner than later, you can ensure that you can book events while knowing when your hotel will fully open up to the public. Just make sure that you give yourself a little bit of a buffer in case of any delays during the renovation process. Make sure that you plan out your renovations early enough.



For hotel renovations, consumers want more technology than ever before. This can be hard to imagine, though, if you’re someone who doesn’t stay in many hotels as a visitor before. To start, think about relaxation.

At the end of the day, a visitor might just want to go back to their hotel room and relax. Think about installing 4K television in each room so visitors can enjoy movies and TV shows at their leisure. For room service, think about having a touch-pad or WiFi service in which visitors can purchase food without having to pick up a phone. Strongly consider how technology can be used in your next hotel renovations.