Having a successful hotel is about more than just providing a comfortable place to sleep. Most people will pick their hotel based heavily on first impressions about how the rooms look. Therefore, being up to date on the latest interior design trends helps people to craft hotels and guestrooms that appeal to customers. Here are some of the biggest trends to expect in the upcoming year.


Local Inspiration

Even the big chains are moving away from using the same design in every building. Instead, they are starting to look to the surrounding area for inspiration. For example, hotels may use unfinished logs as a nod to a nearby forest or recruit local artists to design art for rooms.


Intuitive Outlet and Switch Placement

This practical interior design trend is all about cutting back on frustration for guests. With the high number of electric devices brought in by most modern guests, hotels are making sure that there are plenty of outlets and charging ports right where people look for them. This focus on intuitive design is also transitioning to lighting, as a response to many hotel guests complaining about hard-to-find switches.


Luxurious Bathroom Features

Whether they are on business or vacation, guests want to feel pampered. More and more hotels are investing in bathroom fixtures to give a spa-like vibe. This includes features like waterfall showers, soft mood lighting, oversized bathtubs, and his and hers sinks.


Bringing the Outdoors Inside

There is a growing trend for integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. In large hotels, this can take the form of plate glass windows showing lovely views, and a few tasteful potted plants indoors. Smaller guest houses and more boutique hotels are taking it one step further, with french doors and roll-up windows connecting rooms to outdoor areas that can become part of the bedroom or living area.


Enhanced Color

Most hotels are moving away from the bland, neutral minimalism of the past few years. Instead, bold colors are becoming more popular. Both muted jewel tones and bright neutrals are particularly trendy at the moment. To keep it fresh, avoid floral patterns, plaids, and other patterns that may seem too busy.