Managing a hotel comes with a lot of responsibility. Hoteliers need to keep up with new technology trends because it increases their competitiveness. As travelers tend to be more technology prone, so should the hotel. When technology is evolving, the hotel business the managers must pay attention and be proactive.


Apps That Give More Control

One significant technology trend that is emerging is apps that can control room temperature and light inside the rooms. This gives guests of the hotel more comfort and control over the suite they are staying in. This makes it easier for the guest to make their rooms feel like home. It also cuts down on the inconvenience that comes with trying to find the controls inside of the room.


Virtual Reality Tours

The concept of virtual reality is something that is taking off in a significant way for tourists. Hoteliers are going to seriously do themselves a favor with investments in technology that provides a virtual reality tour of their hotels. It’s an entirely different experience for guests to have access to virtual technology tours that can show them different areas, like the spa or exercise rooms. They can get a tour of all of this before they even go into these rooms. This makes it easier for the guests of the hotel to take advantage of the other amenities that are at the hotel.


The Kiosk Check-In/ Check Out


Another thing that tends to work well inside of the hotel environment is kiosks that allow people to check-in and check out. It can be a much quicker process when people can check out by way of a kiosk. It is also suitable for hotel managers to look at kiosk machines that can provide general information about the time for the check-in and check out. These kiosk machines can be designed to dispense room key cards as well. This technology trend can improve the time it takes to check-in. It also can cut down on operational costs for the hotel.


Wireless Technology

There is nothing more annoying than paying a small fortune for a hotel room, only to quickly realize that your wireless connection is terrible. Give your guests exactly what they want… Fast, Free, Secure and Easy Public Wi-Fi! Big screen TV’s with a HDMI input, which allows for streaming video is a must!