Hospitality has always been an industry known for ensuring people are happy and comfortable. Today, however, hotels must navigate a new era as hospitality is becoming increasingly synonymous with health and wellness. Many travelers are recognizing the importance of maintaining their physical, mental, and social well-being. As a result, the global wellness economy was worth $3.7 trillion in 2015. The trend shows no sign of slowing down. Wellness tourism spending grew more than twice as fast as overall tourism spending. 

What Does This Mean for Hoteliers? 

Hoteliers who want to remain ahead of the pack need to recognize the importance of implementing wellness into both their facilities and brand. Traditionally, hotel managers didn’t prioritize health services. Spas and wellness centers were either outsourced or managed completely independently. The wellness movement is still going strong, and top hotels are examining how they can best integrate health and fitness with the guest experience. 

More than Additional Amenities 

Customers aren’t looking for simple additions such as healthier foods or more wellness facilities. Instead, they want options available at multiple personalized touchpoints. Preferences vary from guest to guest. Many hotels are beginning to address these needs. For example, Shore Hotel offers a “Stand Up for Sustainability” package, which includes a two-hour surf lesson for two. 

More Education Opportunities

As an increasing number of hospitality leaders understand the importance of wellbeing, many also realize that hospitality professionals and students need additional education to meet their guests’ needs better. Hospitality institutes of higher education are now offering courses where students can better explore the intersection of wellness and hospitality. Although traditional hospitality is often studied, few groups offer a deeper look into the role the new wellness culture plays. As a hospitality professional myself, I can attest that it is never too late to receive further education either!

Staying on Top of Trends

The global wellness industry is far from stagnant. Instead, it continues to evolve as guests’ preferences rapidly change. It’s up to hoteliers to remain on top of trends. They need to understand consistent current patterns, but be flexible enough to incorporate new ideas into their business plans. Hotel managers will also need to stay in touch with their customers. Their opinions are now more important than ever. After all, hospitality is now more than helping guests feel at home. Today, wellness plays a role of ever-increasing importance.