Checking out at a hotel is not as simple as just walking out past the reception counter. So many people mistake this as a simple process, thereby ending up making mistakes. The next time you check out of your hotel room, it is essential to consider these five mistakes to avoid.


Checking out late

Checking out late is the least of the faults that you want to commit when preparing to leave the hotel you’re staying at. Many hotels recommend travelers to check out by 11 in the morning to allow room cleaning for the next users. Sometimes, for various reasons, guests may tend to extend their stay beyond the acceptable time. Staying past the desired check out time without prior approval causes back-ups like room cleaning, and in some cases checking in the next guest. 


Making travel arrangements

Before checking out of your hotel room, it is important to consider making some private travel arrangements. Ordering a cab or rideshare service before checking out ensures that you do not linger around, waiting for the car to arrive. To enjoy the convenience, you should consider requesting a ride that comes right after you check out.


Leaving your assets behind

Unfortunately, many people forget to pack all their belongings when checking out. Some easily forgotten accessories include personal effects, such as towels, toothbrushes, phones, and even shoes. Leaving something behind can cause an extra hassle, and you might have to spend more money traveling back to collect lost items.


Failing to confirm the bill

It is always a good practice to confirm your bill before making a payment. Sometimes, hotels include charges that were not mentioned when booking your room. Billing mistakes do sometimes happen, as well. Confirming ensures that you don’t have any charges on your bill that shouldn’t be there.


Failing to offer a tip

Tipping the hotel staff is always considered an act of courtesy and expression of gratitude. It is always good to offer a tip to every team member that helps you. This includes room cleaners, restaurant waiters, and even the receptionist. It’s an extra touch of kindness that’s appreciated by all.